Since using her C-PAP machine,

The Missus has much time to dream…

Now I’m the one

Who wanders around,

Too agitated to dream!

She’s averaging eight hours,

Her energy rivals cell towers…

I can’t rest

Too much on my chest,

As life in some ways…sours.

I will read my Bible more,

It calms me down to snore…

I’ve a different machine

Whose pressure is lean,

LESS than what I was used to, before!

–Jonathan Caswell

2 thoughts on “REVERSED PRACTICE?

  1. rjstrainstop

    Having had to use a C-PAP Machine for several years I can relate. The only thing I miss is the sound it made. Its a different sound, different than the fan I use before, during and after. But thats all I miss about it.

    On a side note I have written poetry for many years in the past and have stopped. Strange thing I never wrote about Trains in any form. A thought for me to think about.

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