I had the time today

To get deliciously lost on the way…


All new to me,

With treats along the way.

I thought it was a straight shot,

One road to another–was not!…

Followed my nose

In circles, I suppose,

A grand adventure I got!

Found a lovely mill pond

With a Machine Company thereon…

In the middle of housing–

So spirit-rousing

No camera and so I went on!

One landmark was recognizable,

How I got there—un-reprise-able…

Eventually found

The other way ’round

The sign on the main road advertise able.

Made my eye doctor on time,

And sat, waiting in line…

My eye to inject

With “eyelea” direct,

To make that retina fine.

Didn’t know how long that would take,

Some schedule padding to make…


Got there early,

For time my buddy had to take.

Writing and watching,

The eye won’t bear any touching…

Have my eye drops

So hurting stops,

Those financial holes I’m patching!

–Jonathan Caswell

2 thoughts on “DELICIOUSLY LOST!

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