Is that a cowl neck I see,

This sweater fits her to a “T”…

A classy belt

Accentuates her svelt

Portions, lovely to see!

This sweater—a camel cream?

Allied with a pencil dress dream…

Opposites attract

Results here distract,

As a wonderfully  well-designed scheme.

An business woman ideal,

Her male colleagues—take a chill–

Notebook at her side

Sunglasses hide,

Reactions to compliment overkill.

–Jonathan Caswell

3 thoughts on “PRETTY AS A PICTURE

  1. awmaynard802

    Since you said i could in an e-mail a few years ago, here’s one of my poems.

    Hidden Faith
    I didn’t have the faith needed to continue with my life. I had a very hard time believing in you, even if I had a very small amount of me telling me what he would do. When I left high school n’ got into college, my faith disappeared. It wasn’t until 8 years later that I found him again. It took me another 4 years to get my faith where I could say I had some. During those years, I felt like I was slowly going asunder (down, below). I felt like that because it felt like the devil was pulling me down. When someone from a church took me to his place of worship, I felt better, because I felt like I was in the correct place. I didn’t feel like the devil was pulling me down to his level, I thought that he was lifting me higher, so I wouldn’t be in his army of evildoers. © A Maynard, 4/6/15



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