EDAVILLE is where one goes,

Riding narrow rails when it snows…

Christmas displays

Along rights of way,

all lit up in lights!

The “North Pole Express” is running,

All over the country by cunning…

Railroad lines

Wanting happier times,

Santa they know is coming!

Look in the papers to see,

Where Christmas trains are running shortly…

It’s worth paying

For children’s playing,

Making positive memory!

–Jonathan Caswell


  1. reocochran

    This is a really special train ride and I love your Polar Express reference, too! We have the Hallmark book with lovely illustrations, Jonathan. This is a fantastic blog post!! No wonder you received recent blog awards for me and others!! Smiles, Robin xo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jonathan Caswell Post author

      OH THE ADMIRING PUBLIC—AND FRIENDS WHO SAY SUCH KIND THINGS! Back before over half of EDAVILLE was sold and moved to Maine, My Aunt Maude, Diana and I (anyone else?) went on gtheir Christmas lights run–with snow, lights reflected on the cranberry bog water…and I loused up my tape recording of the thing…and some good drivier-slipping action earlier in the day!!!! Hard to get all that in a poem! A real steam engine out in Michigan #1225-? was used as the model for the animated movie version of THE NORTH POLE EXPRESS. I remember some of the “making of” writeups from then,,, 🙂



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