Some folks clean out the ‘fridge,

Others clean out the mind…

I hesitate a smidge

But some things I am not blind.

Focus on the true and noble,

That’s not always gender and breasts…

Things hung onto are mobile

Think of them as tests!

Who is God and worshipped,

Things of the world or my Lord?

Cast out that strange fire within me

That relations with God are restored!

–Jonathan Caswell

(There are several key words and phrases, pointing to specific Bible references…will you find them?)


  1. Jonathan Caswell Post author

    Understand–the Author ain’t removing every last female…JUST the ones that are–for him–things he’s too willing to hang onto.. For what it’s worth–cleaned out his private, laptop files, too. AND FOUND a pic. of unloading salt “the hard way”…to add to his Header Images! He knew he had it SOMEWHERE!!!



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