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Kielo Wrap dress


Emma's Atelier

I love making clothes that transition from work to weekend and between seasons.

The Kielo wrap dress by Named is a wonderful pattern as it’s a great layering piece and looks effortlessly glamorous as well as being a fast easy project.

Here’s the description by Named:

  • Very simple maxi dress with an interesting shape
  • Sleeveless design, you can download a free sleeve add-on for the dress here!
  • Wrap tie closure at the waist
  • Slim skirt and a vent at the back

As the project is designed for knits if you are sewing it in a woven fabric I suggest making your version a few sizes larger.

Here are a few different versions I’ve made.

The top right was made in a black linen. As I prefer sleeves I added a rectangle of fabric around the armhole to make a small sleeve.

This dress can be worn in so many different ways! My…

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New Year Prayers: This year shall favour me in Jesus name — Deliverance sermons and prayers

Psalm 102 vs 13: Thou shalt arise, and have mercy upon Zion: for the time to favour her, yea, the set time, is come. This new year shall favour me in Jesus name I name this new year FAVOUR! I command this new year to favour me in Jesus name This is the year of […]

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My Last Post of 2016, I Think


The Tony Burgess Blog


This has been a challenging year for many and a time of great loss for the global cultural community. Many of our icons and heroes have left us. Some of us have had personal situations that have tested us. We have seen political and national unrest. Life is about to get more interesting as we head into 2017.

No matter our situation we have comfort in holding close to the things that truly matter such as family, friendship and faith. In the coming year we have to come together to make a difference individually and collectively. Our world needs us now more than ever.

As bloggers we have an obligation to decrease the suck we see in the world. Our global outreach can make a true difference. No matter what we have a passion for we have to share it so others can be see the light.

My friends I…

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He thought of a “figure-8”

Which done one Christmas was great..

Except that “his train”

Was waylaid (the shame!)

By his Dad and Grand Dad…until late!

This figure-eight is folded over,

A little less length to shoulder…

One train twice around

Not crossing to turn ’round,

Common plan in a beginner’s folder.

To make this double track one must use,

A double crossover for two run-throughs…


Both trains are surprised,

When colliding on the one track both use!

Methinks he’s thinking too much

About a simple layout he’ll touch…

On possibilities

So progress will cease,

And he won’t build a thing after thus!

–Jonathan Caswell






The girl in the suit seems dismayed,

Her spot’s been taken away…

The tiger reclined

Is the one who “felined”

While the girl was at play!

This picture seems out of scale,

Little pussy cat’s big as a whale…

The glass is big too–

A close-up view–

Should think the woman would prevail!

Now if…it’s not her cat,

Spray bottles take care of that…!

Her lioness within

Emerges to win,

And the presumptive cat…would scat!