New Year, Same Me


Arlene Bozich

Originally published January 3rd, 2016 at

It’s the first update! I’m at home for the holidays and healing from ACL surgery. Should be heading back to CT and CRT on January 14th to get ready for auditions and the second semester of the second year of grad school. The auditions are for Sense and Sensibility, directed by Kristin Wold, and Spamalot! directed by Richie Ruiz! I probably won’t make it to dance call, but here’s hoping Kristin wants me to jump back into Austen after playing Elizabeth Bennett in Pride and Prejudice this summer at the Monomoy Theatre.

I don’t really do New Year’s Resolutions (and I’m a few days late anyway) but I can tell you I’m writing everyday because…well..habit? We’ll go with habit. I edited and wrote Act II of Calvary Diner, so I’ll post updates about the play’s progress as I edit and write though the year. I also sent my manuscript, Burn the Moon…

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