Others say what comes next,

And even what a new year rejects…

I’ll have my say

If you’ll make way,

For what this Poet selects!

First–cut or ripped jeans–

Should be outdated by any means…

Cold weather–legs freeze–

Office work–not in these!

For the office there’s no in between!

This wearing short skirts with no hose,

No sense when cold wind blows…

A long warmer coat

I’d definitely vote,

In strong winds “something” shows!

Some find the sneaker appeals

Instead of loafers or high heels…

Comfortable feet

Are worth the treat,

But more formal footwear appeals!

This blogger can’t separate,

Objective comment from male trait…

I’ll behave

And yet be brave

In voicing an opinion straight!

–Jonathan Caswell

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