2017 Reflections…by Carl Gooch

2017 Reflections
For me it is easy at this time of the year to get overwhelmed. You see December is my birth month, a time I use to reflect over the last year of my life. This is both a time sober judgment over what I did and didn’t do and a time of eye opening realization of the blessings I’ve received.
The devil tries to use this time to attack me, pointing out all my short comings and failures. Each thought that enters my head he tries to twist to trap me in the pit of depression. And it would be so easy to just go with the feeling and be sucked in.  BUT! I have something more powerful than him.
For every negative thought that comes my way, God shows me how He worked in the situation and brought me through it. For what the devil tries to use as a curse, God turns it into a blessing to strengthen me.
2017 was filled with trials and disappointments and the loss of many friends and family. But in each and every one God was there with me, comforting and strengthening me even though I didn’t always see it at the time. As I look back on these struggles and trials I can see it was God that helped me through. Each day He was with me, leading me, blessing me with His love and mercy.
This year has been rough, but it has also been a blessing. I have faced many struggles but I did not face them alone; and my faith is stronger knowing that fact.
I know where I’ve failed, I know in what areas I am weak. So does God, yet He is there to give me the strength I need.
He doesn’t have to watch over me and protect me, He owes me nothing. Yet, like the loving Father He is, He has never failed me, He is always there for me.
Yes, I’ve made some mistakes in 2017. And my sins have been made known to me. It is only by my acceptance of my frailties that I can grow. Acknowledging just how much I need God in my life daily.
I will not wrap myself in my failures and my past sins that I can not change, but I will cling to the knowledge that I am forgiven in Christ.
Carl A. Gooch ~ 14 December 2017