I do not mock your service,

To which I seemed impervious…

I honor you

For trying to,

Help me find inner purpose.

Relaxation techniques,

I’ll use as system tweaks…

I trust very few–

Not sure I did you–

I’ve been pushed up too many creeks.

I’d have trusted better had you,

Revealed your assumptions and view…

Rather than say “no”

That’s not where we’ll go,

And what you’re sharing goes too!

This apparent secrecy,

I’m sure you’ll contradict me…

About what’s behind

Your drawn blinds,

Did not prove consistency.

Near the end you seemed fixed,

One goal to which should have clicked…

“Spirit” is not by whim

The Holy One–I follow Him,

Any other “spirit” is suspect.

It’s obvious when you and Doctor,

Shove it back on me as you think proper…

The Spirit you deny

HAS CHANGED this guy,

I’ve heard this before: it’s my fault, undoctored.

Unless you take the time,

You’ll never read this rhyme…

I’m not demanding

Your understanding,

You didn’t take the time.


(Not that it matters.)

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