ROMANS 1: 18-28–A POEM

Man and women crave,

Identity no one gave…

Convinced as a child

And allowed to run wild,

Their souls they didn’t want saved.

INSTEAD…trading truth for the lie,

Insisting they controlled their life…

All decency


Thrown out like an unloved wife.

Men wanted ovaries and breasts,

Thinking for them it was best…

Them who afforded

It sex change rewarded,

Doctors who passed their test.

Men who turn into women,

In what has the world been swimming…?

Some of each

We all  have to teach,

Us how best to love without sinning!

Hundreds would be like she,

But don’t have millions for the fee…

Obama deigned

Their normalcy gained,

But won’t pay for them, not he!



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About Jonathan Caswell

Mr. Caswell has been composing poetry at least since High School. He has been on WORD PRESS for ten years and contributes to two other blogs beside this one. This blog has a Christian emphasis but all bloggers are welcome. Mr. Caswell chooses to---with permission--re[post material of interest

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