–WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE COLORS?–Blue, green and white…less so (on me) pink

–ANY PREFERENCES IN FASHION?   –For me–few.  I do not like horizontal strips–emphasizes the belly too much!

–FAVORITE MOVIES?  Haven’t seen any recently  I avoid movies where women are hurt raped of abused–that includes TV shows  The older 007–yes–the newer ones are more openly violent than I’d like.

–WOMEN’S ISSUES—THOUGHTS ON? –I’m always a follower of women (!).  I consider them equals, some superior, as are some men compared to me. But equal in the sight of God–which not all men accept.  😦  I do believe the Biblical view…Jeremiah 1: 5–“before I (GOD) formed you in the womb I knew you”—and Psalm 139: 13-14–“FOR YOU (GOD) knit me in my mother’s womb…I am fearfully and wondrously made…”   These Scriptures—and others–confirm for me that a  human life begins at conception.  In an ideal world men would want responsibility for the children they help produce…and both partners would  want to hold off until things were secure for the children.     Abortion is being used as birth control  Killing babies in or out of the womb as opposed to preventing birth in the first place.

According to women who have been willing to open up about it, abortion leaves scars whether women want to admit it or not.   Men don’t feel a thing…normally. Aside from the morality, a very practical  result is that those people groups (Hispanic, Muslim, certain others) are rapidly catching up in population totals to overtake  we people who insist upon killing our children ahead of time!     These other groups are rapidly becoming  the majority in many countries including my own.

WOMEN’S “RIGHTS”—I was schooled by liberal “progressive” types…mostly women, with a mother who, although conservative politically, stood up for her rights for equal pay in teaching—a man just out of teacher’s college was offered more than she, who had several years’ experience, plus her M,S,E, degree—she quit in protest!

REFER to the above statements on WOMEN’S ISSUES and abortion. The baby inside IS NOT TOTALLY A PART OF HER BODY–IT IS A SEPARATE  INDIVIDUAL WITH RIGHTS, TOO…even biologically speaking!!  Again, in an ideal world, both parents would be actively involved.  Better to let it be born and adopted, in my view, than killed outright by one-half of the couple that formed it.   My wife and I were childless. Neither she or I were able to produce children.  Wish we could have adopted one of the ones that weren’t even allowed to live, when we could most likely have afforded it.   But again…the girl is often left to carry the burden by herself…regardless OF ANY CONSEQUENCES TO HER…including mental and physical and spiritual damage.  I can’t do anything about that, either, except offer prayerful caring support–they are your and their decisions to make.  I’m here to love with God’s love and not judge.


.Now that I’ve been turned away from–in repulsion by the vast (?) majority of the predominantly  “progressive-liberal” creative community–again, people (meaning you and me) must decide each for ourselves every day what to do or how to think—or what about.

I remain the old fun-loving, character I’ve always been. I am or have been the friend of lesbians, gay men, Buddhists, Muslims (at least one) Hindus, out-and-out pagans,other Christians with differing views, and who knows whom else?  Your choice as to whom you wish to associate with–and mine!  🙂

–Jonathan caswell, Poet  (and character)






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