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Bubble gum


Polythene Pam



dsc_0306 shirt and sweater: Zara | skirt: Pull and Bear

I tried the new trend pink / pink + red. I was really excited when I found this bubble gum pink shirt in Zara on sale (thinking about Summer already!). When I imagined these two colors together I always thought that they did a really bad combination. But when I saw them in shop windows it was different, I really like what I saw. In my opinion, not all trends are wearable. For some of them, we should give it a try. Hope you like this combination.


Photography Margarida Martins

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Plaid Tunic

So this is probably the last time this dress will be on my body…not because I don’t like it…but because once my daughter saw it and told me she loved it… well&…

Source: Plaid Tunic


“Spike” is what we called him,

A wide old hound so named…

He’d  wander up to our back door

Pan handling for which he was famed.

He died an number years later,

His owner called him “Sam”…

He was  the neighborhood’s translator

with a moniker to wherever he came.

The gentle old guy went a-wandering

Back to a full meal at home…

Must take a lot of energy

If for years you want to roam!

–Jonathan Caswell