In business and life

One deals with envy and strife…

It is not evil

to have levels,

Of importance–it’s perfectly right!

Saying nothing about one’s worth,

Personally–or order of birth–

Those things count

But in America amount

To not very relevant for  business worth.

What he means to say is that roles,

Differ, all told…

Security, accounting,

Have different roles amounting,

To assessment of job value bought or sold.

Guards need a High School education,

Accountants, a higher designation…

A C.P.A.

Learning the way,

Of financial organization.

A Poet in his back  yard,

At  WORK–he’s a Guard…


Has an M.S.E.,

And has tried to work too hard.

(That’s me!)

Not all are presidents,

In business that doesn’t make sense…

Various roles

Fill in the holes

For a strong corporate presence!

–Jonathan Caswell, Security Officer and poet.


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