The Difference Between Tartan & Plaid


For many people – even Scottish-Americans, the distinction between plaid and tartan is confusing.  This guide should help take the mystery out of the difference between the two.

belted_plaid_07sv_402 Belted Plaid

The word plaid, derived from the Scottish Gaelic plaide, meaning “blanket,” was first used of any rectangular garment.

When referring to Highland dress, a plaid is simply an article of clothing, not a pattern, as is often misunderstood.  The word “plaid” is derived from the Gaelic word for blanket. That’s why the feileadh-mhor (Gaelic for “large wrap”) is sometimes also called the belted plaid since it is a blanket that has been gathered and belted around the waist.

plaid Unbelted Plaid

Historically, Scots also wore unbelted plaids – often in the form of a long shawl.  Plaid in the context of  Highland dress, can refer to any of the tailored or untailored garments worn about the shoulders — be…

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