Floor Balance Exercise

By Dan Watt, ACE Level 2 Trainer and Author of kobo.com e-books Ruby Queen and Sylvia

I was training a female client on the BOSU (we’ll do that on another Blog) as she told me how she used to figure skate.  When I turned the BOSU upside down and she stepped on it she freaked out and grabbed my wrist so hard I thought she would break it.

Thanks to the Dan Fetter of Fetter Fitness studio (Fetterfitness.ca)!

Balance will be the first thing you will lose if you don’t challenge it.  Exercises that force you to engage your core and challenge your nervous system are vital.

When I mention core its from your belly button down to your groin (pubic symphysis) and that’s the only area that you should be tensing when balancing.

Take a close look at the picture.  Taylor is standing on the side…

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