Red hair: the luck of the neanderthals


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Red hair is tracked as far back as Neanderthals, but now only a rare one percent of people boast this slight mutation of their MC1R gene on chromosome 16 (slightly different than the MC1R mutation in Neanderthals), which gives them their fiery locks.

The ginger gene sets folks apart in other ways too:

  • Red hair is a recessive trait, which means that you need a gene from each parent to inherit it, and since recessive traits often group together, redheads are also more likely to be left-handed.
  • Red haired folks have lower concentrations of melanin than your average brunette. So, while this allows Vitamin D to be produced more readily, it can also increase their risk of skin cancer.
  • And it’s not a red herring that redheads are harder than the general population to sedate with anesthesia.

If you’re really into it, there’s also a Dutch festival called Redhead Day where…

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