Spread on Toast




Recipes for poetry:


Stir words with both hands,

mix into synaptic colors,

paint them on walls

again and again

until the room

screams in ecstasy.


Cook words in test tubes

over the burner

that is your heart,

then spread on toast

like marmalade

and feed the hungry.


Wrestle with words,

squeeze them,

break them into pieces,

pin them to the floor

of your solar plexus

and in the end

always let them win.


 (c)  2004, 2017  Betty Hayes Albright

(Formerly titled “Mentor”)


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About Jonathan Caswell

Mr. Caswell has been composing poetry at least since High School. He has been on WORD PRESS for ten years and contributes to two other blogs beside this one. This blog has a Christian emphasis but all bloggers are welcome. Mr. Caswell chooses to---with permission--re[post material of interest

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