A study noised about in the public media lately strongly suggests that people heavy into Social Media—like here and Face Book, as examples–become less able to develop real relationships outside of this medium

Conversely, those of us consistently less able or given less opportunity to grow socially in the “outside world”—or are dissatisfied with our options–turn here for something–anything (!) close to friendship, being socially isolated…for what ever reasons.

It’s how I see myself.

Most of my immediate blogger friends—have lives outside this cyber refuge.  Kids, jobs, friends we can see and sometimes touch…not hidden behind a fanciful thumbnail or necessarily wanting to move on….!

All you with outside lives–outside of this forum–PLEASE CHERISH the loves and activities you have elsewhere.  We can’t do too much about those using this place as a replacement for real relations with real people (I think you know what I mean). But pray for them,  think thoughts that they’d try the real thing, get healthy again.

Living here ain’t so bad,

The bloggers rarely get mad…

But what bugs

These long distance hugs,

Are wearing out the pillow I had!

–Jonathan Caswell

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