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Triangl Swim


Life is better in a bikini! Especially in New Jersey in the summer months. I have been lucky enough to grow up by the beach and look forward to spending as much time as I can there in the summer! I always like to get a new bathing suit each summer(or four). I bought this bikini from Triangl for my trip to Puerto Rico a few months ago and it is one of my favorites this summer!

I had never ordered a Triangl bathing suit before, and I had to say I was nervous about it fitting properly because it was coming all the way from Australia. The good news though, was that you are able to live chat with someone from Triangl to figure out what size is best for you! For size refrence, I ordered a small plus top and a medium bottom. The “small plus” size is…

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Do they sell the good stuff any more,

What is called “duct  tape” is poor–

Fabric incorporated

Is missed, related

To its crappy performance scored!

Packing tape is all it is,

No fabric with which strengthened…

Cuts like a breeze–

Comes off with a sneeze,

Cheap profits is all it’s good for.