Been blogging for a long stretch

It takes him time to think,

Of what he can be writing

Has water to drink…

Answering the Comments/Likes

He looks forward to do,

but now his body starts to hurt

We think his time is through!

Coming up with things to write

Is getting real hard,

He’s tried to keep an open mind

As an active bard,

His chest hurts–it’s hard to breathe

And feet are going numb.

Maybe (!) it’s time to close up shop

Of this poetic run—

Maybe if he hurts this much,

His blogging time is done!

–Jonathan Caswell


  1. Brenda Davis Harsham

    Aw, buddy, I am sad you feel that bad. You should only write if it makes you happy. I get inspiration from reading. From visiting wildlife sanctuaries. From taking photographs in farmer’s markets. I’ve started to paint again. A little. 🙂 I hope you find joy, my friend.

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  2. Eccentric Muse

    At the moment, this is what I’m doing: replying to comments and reading all the blogs I’ve missed in the last few days. Hope all is well! 🙂


  3. Jonathan Caswell Post author

    I need to write regardless of how I feel.I do my best to keep it light…and the communication going. Got to church today and me and Diana were prayed over. by the Pastor and Elders of my church. first time in months I’d gone! There’s hope yet—underneath God’s sheltering wings!

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