The art of being a bump-on-a-log



I’ve been very, VERY lazy lately.  Hence the couple of weeks or so hiatus.  April has honestly not been my finest month.  This happened to me last year, but I did recover academically for the most part.  This year…I didn’t get so lucky.  Let’s just say I’ll be staying until fall of 2017.  Look out UTM, I’m still a poor, unemployed student.  *Hint, hint, hire me on campus, please.*  

Also, please buy from me for Mothers Day!  It’s this Sunday, May 14th, and I will do one day shipping if necessary.  I’ll even send you a card with a poem on notebook paper that you can handwrite in there.  Mom’s love that stuff.  I’ve written SO many generic holiday poems, I’ll make one specifically for you if you want to share one or two great childhood memories and/or awesome characteristics about your mom.  If you’re lucky, she might…

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About Jonathan Caswell

Poet, author, servant of God the Heavenly father and the Lord Jesus Christ...working out his salvation with fear and trembling. - Not trusting in his own deeds, but depending totally upon the finished sacrificial work of Jesus Christ to be, by God's reckoning, a new creature, clothed in Christ's righteousness...which mortal humankind can never attain by their own weak efforts, apart from faith in Christ's work on our behalf. - College-educated, yet wise enough to see that what a man does will not be his ultimate identity nor affect how God sees him or her. - Called by God to do a very difficult thing...apart from God's grace, mercy and love the sinner (which we all--by nature--are) but hate the sin, which is only paid through Christ, God's Son, - My own God-given gift is that of being a Poet..showing that in all parts of life...God has a loving part in hard as that is to always understand or perceive...given life's realities! Come join me on my journey of discovery?.

7 thoughts on “The art of being a bump-on-a-log

  1. candidchloescloset

    Let’s call it that, shall we?? I can’t remember if it was Wednesday haha. I’m guessing it was. Very clever. I love your blog, please check out the other blog I am starting concerning the church where my dad preaches. Any positive exposure is appreciated!


    1. Jonathan Caswell Post author

      I’M A…P.K. / T.O….too! Once he became a Chaplain, he was one at a Psychiatric Center—Mom helping (and sometimes me) with services for the patients. Dad started out as a United Methodist pastor, then worked his way into a clinical/pastoral Chaplaincy. they are gone now, 😦

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      1. candidchloescloset

        That’s crazy coincidence…my dad is a licensed psychologist in addition to being a pastor. Do you already know this? Yes, my childhood was fun lol. I actually enjoyed having a built in counselor sometimes.


      2. Jonathan Caswell Post author

        I didn’t. But my Dad was a trainer with his own school for Clinical-Pastoral Education—putting the spiritual into a clinical setting, among the psych. patients! Both he and my Mom had some psychological training–she was a teacher–and both took a month’s-worth of studies at the Jungian Institute in Geneva, Switzerland. ACTUALLY–my older brother and I got more attention from my Mom being a Substitute Teacher—sometimes in our classes!


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