In merry Great Britain,

When folks went on a cruise…

They’d ride a train to the dock

To sail the oceans blue.

In the nineteen sixties-seventies,

New England had boat trains…

Taking scrap metal

To Boston on railroad mains…

All this bulk scrap metal

Was loaded into ships….

Bound as planned for Japan,

Becoming cars  and paper clips!

While American car makers

Were poor  reliability…

Japanese were the market shakers,

A higher quality product, you see.

Some folks always thought

Exporting scrap was fraught…

With such imposition

Helping competition,

With an automobile onslaught!

–Jonathan Caswell

(At least that’ how I remember it!)


4 thoughts on ““BOAT TRAINS”

    1. Jonathan Caswell Post author

      P.S.–If I ever get the track wired, I hope to simulate this on the layout. Just like there are seasons for grain traffic, seafood, fresh veggies, so generally in spring time all the big scrap yards would gear up to fill another “boat” (ship) in Boston wanting scrap metal. The Japanese were equipped with higher-efficiency electric furnaces, rather than the U.S. steel industry—largely stuck with older, less efficient blast furnaces and the like. 🙂

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