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About the same time every night,

He’ll stop his blog and his write…

Saves on juice

And viruses loose,

And so I’ll say GOODNIGHT!  😀

–Jonathan Caswell



from Atomic Redhead:

Over the weekend was the monthly get-together at Disneyland with Vintage Visitors, the wonderful like-minded people I’ve met where two Dapper Days a year simply isn’t enough! And I was so excited when I heart the theme was gold, because Match Accessories recently released their Golden Horseshoe inspired brooch! The Golden Horseshoe is one of […]

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from Explore.Learn.Live:

This month has probably been one of the most exciting of 2017 so far. With so much time hiking, paddle boarding and going to festivals/concerts back home in Boulder summer has definitely been off to a great start. I just got back from Santa Fe, New Mexico and it is now one of my favorite […]

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How, Lord, are we to receive Your blessing?


Learning From God's Word

How, Lord, are we to receive Your blessing? Are we to “do some great thing”? Are we to prove ourselves worthy of Your blessing? No! Your Word says this: “Wash and be clean” (2 Kings 5:130. Our salvation isn’t something that we’ve paid for. It isn’t something that we’ve earned. We don’t come to You, saying, “Look at me. Look at my religion. Look at my morality.” We look away from ourselves to Jesus – and we hear Your Word of salvation: “The blood of Jesus Christ, God’s Son, cleanses us from all sin” (1 John 1:7).

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grunge and mature —

I never thought I would feel comfortable in a blouse. Honestly, I always felt uncomfortable and cramped. Maybe this is the reason why I never ever wore blouses. Furthermore, for me blouses are made for job interviews and bank employees. But times changes (or at least for this amazing short cut blouse): I found this […]

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To Read a Poem…To Write a Poem


Teacher as Transformer

This poem rattled around in my mind and body for the last few days. I did not write it out in rough form, so this is it.

To read a poem;

That is to breath in the world,

Meditating on that world

(Re)membering a fleeting moment–

A moment my whole body experienced;

The smell of pine forest

The distant white-topped mountain

Rocks disturbing a river’s flows

The touch of a gentle breeze,

Cooling a sun-burnt face.

To write a poem;

Breathing out,

A lived-experience,

Giving words to a fleeting moment–

Flowers gesturing towards mountains,

Trees caressed by mountain wind,

Nature’s fragrances arise from the valley

A silence encroaching upon my mediation.

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