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5 SS17 Trends I’m Loving



Each season women tend to flock to fashion websites, magazines and online stylists, fervently trying to find out: “What’s in style this season?”, “What should I get rid of?” and “What must-haves do I need in my closet?” Stores abound with new tendencies, magazine pictorials showcase daring and sometimes downright bizzare pieces, and the whole exercise of trying to fit in with the season can go from exciting to exhausting pretty fast.

I’m of the “style trumps fashion” persuasion. Your personal style will shine through all the seasonal fads and short-lived trends; you don’t need to follow what catwalks dictate, what celebrities flaunt or what Instagram models propose as desirable or suitable for the season. If you are assured in your own taste and preferences, if you know what looks not just good, but amazing on you and which pieces bring out your favorite features, then you’re all set for…

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The worlds most comfy Topshop trousers


Grace Surguy

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So I have these Topshop trousers in various different colours and they are 100% the most comfortable trousers that I own. They are literally so stretchy, which is perfect for the hot weather we are having here in the UK at the minute. I have them in a size 8 and they are great, I know I am going to get a crazy amount of wear out of them.

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I know I’ve spoken about shirred tops before but I honestly love them so much! This one from Pull & Bear via ASOS actually has so much support in it which really means you don’t need to wear a bra, which is great because I hate strapless bras!!

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Lastly to accessories, its my fav’s of the summer the Givenchy slides and the Gucci Marmont bag, both of which are going to be making me very happy for a long time to…

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“Summer Outfit Inspirations”



Do you ever browse Pinterest for hours and hours just to search for gorgeous outfit ideas? Well, I do! I probably spend a good two or three hours daily on Pinterest to admire all of those lovely outfits and be inspired to incorporate it on my daily wardrobe.

To be completely honest though, there are some really nice outfits that I do not think would fit me just like those tall and skinny girls out there.

One of the trends that I’m really in love of are these off shoulder blouses and dresses. Oh I know! It may sound so summer of 2016 but hey! I really think they’re so chic and timeless.

And yes! Summer would never be complete for me without my all time favorite distressed jeans.

And girls! these long dresses that would never look good on me because of my petite figure 😕

Although I’m not…

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Notice in the street,

Comments on clothes you meet…

Bring offense

And a person’s defense,

On remarking their fashion is sweet!

Women do this all the time,

Acceptable with little crying…

But a man

Threatens and can,

Be thought too personally prying!

So glad that Demi Monde

And others don’t mind my response…

Half-way ’round the world

she’s a pretty safe girl,

No way I’d swim that “pond”.

Being nearly sixty years-old,

I suppose I’m being bold…

If I earn their trust

I never will bust,

Out of my harness until I’m too old!

–Jonathan Caswell



PSA for Women: How to Avoid Being Sexually Objectified



The Sexy Lie We Have Been Telling Ourselves

A while ago, I watched this interesting video.  Caroline Heldman of Occidental College makes some really good points in the first part of her talk about what constitutes sexual objectification.  If an ad focuses on just one sexy part of a woman’s body, for example, or implies that being sexually attractive is her most important characteristic, than it is sexual objectification.  (That last one covers very nearly all advertising that has women in it!)

Ms. Heldman also points out that such objectification has become increasingly prevalent in the last 10 years, largely due to the increase of consumption of technology.  We see approximately 5,000 ads a day.  Honestly, that statistic was quite surprising to me.

Her analysis becomes considerably less useful when she gets to the “Plan of Action” part of her talk.  She gives a lot of vague fluff about encouraging…

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Is Self-Confidence Killing Self-Respect?


In Defense of Women

On the wide-swinging pendulum of  self-confidence, one end is demur, uncertain girls who don’t like to be talked to, looked at, or paid attention to in any way.  And at the other end, there are bawdy, rash and raucous girls who suck up attention and flaunt everything they’ve got–never bothered by the exposure, nor satisfied that it is enough.  Society’s pendulum has swung too far to the extreme (brazen) side and I fear that in seeking bulletproof self-confidence, we have lost the concept of self-respect.  If it seems like I’m splitting hairs with these terms, maybe some examples will clarify–and think of what you know about the person, not just what they are wearing:

Self Respect

Red Carpet Women Self Confident

Self Respect

Beyonce Self Confident

Self Respect

Self Confident

Self Respect

Self Confident

Self Respect

Every grocery store check out line I stand in fills my eyes and brain with tips and tricks…

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