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Wishlist Wednesday — Keep Calm, Knit On

As a knitter, I love love looooove knitting sweaters and cardigans. They are usually my favourite thing to knit, and there is nothing I love better than cozening up in a hand knit when I’m cold. But now that summer is upon us, I came to the stark realisation that while I have many sweaters […]

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Hi lovely people. I really love fashion and hope to make more fashion posts, today I want to share with you some looks I’ve been wearing to school! It’s the beginning of the winter semester and things are in full swing so I thought it’d be a good time to make this post. Winter where […]


The Wrap Dress Trend — AUTUMN SORELLE

Hey everyone! Today I wanna talk about one of summer 2017’s biggest trends: wrap dresses. They seem to be taking over at the moment, and I’m totally okay with it! I have gotten some sort of email from almost all of my favorite stores featuring this dress style. I’ve seen short ones, long ones, even […]

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Where has summer gone? — Left Field Whimsy

I can’t believe how quickly the last month – and indeed the whole summer – has flown by!! Kids in some areas are already back to school this week, and the rest will return to class after Labour Day. It’s definitely past time for a blog post – so here’s a quick update! What started […]

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Europe: Jihadists exploit Welfare Benefits…

While taking money from Swiss taxpayers, Abu Ramadan, a well-known Salafist, called for the introduction of Sharia law in Switzerland and urged Muslims to avoid integrating into Swiss society. He also said that Muslims who commit crimes in Switzerland should not be subject to Swiss laws. “This scandal is so huge that it is difficult […]

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Crossing the Water–Franciscan Flowers:

CROSSING THE WATER WITH JESUS Hand-in-hand, He envelops me Hand-in-hand, clearly I see Hand-in-hand, I gaze on Him Hand-in-hand, deeply He speaks Hand-in-hand, my heart leaps CROSSING THE WATER WITH JESUS Hand-in-hand, loving tears flow Hand-in-hand, I’ve never felt so close Hand-in-hand, my Love and I embrace Hand-in-hand, my fears erase Hand-in-hand, His touch heals. […]

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Wonder Woman and Boogeymen — Accismus

There was a moment at the beginning of Wonder Woman where I cried. No, it wasn’t the terrible accents. No, it wasn’t the fact that the Amazons had shaved armpits. (Come on, Hollywood.) No, it wasn’t the inexplicable missed opportunity for casting Lucy Lawless as Hippolyta.

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