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Mars Needs Guitars

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a k o s i l e

When giving an apology, it may be best not to give an explanation of the wrong deed. It destroys the sincerity of the apology. Sometimes saying that you are sorry does not seem to make any difference to the offended, especially in the heat of the moment. However, if the saying holds true that time heals all wounds, the wounds heal faster when the offender has sincerely apologized. Certainly, apologies will not fix everything which is why opinions are divided about the use of apologies. Some people believe that apologizing is a sign of weakness while others feel that it is the magical cobbler’s tool for mending all torn shoes in the walk of life. Probably what is more accurate lies between these two extremes. It is good to remember that apology and forgiveness do not necessarily go hand –in-hand.

In romantic relationships, apologizing may be easier because it can be paired…

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a k o s i l e

We are one for once, so completely

The storms have broken down our walls

We give our love so sweetly

The rains have washed away our flaws

We reunite to restore our abode with pleasure

Convene to rebuild our acres beyond  measure

I can’t believe this unspoken magic

Passion rekindled when days are tragic

Why it takes a gust for you to hear me

How I needed a tempest to let you be

Where your kindness was hidden before the gale

How I became human when you started to wail

We do not need more of this strong breeze

But hope the ardor will not be brought to freeze

When the typhoon is gone and the puff is done

Will our differences play us once more like pawn



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These Yom Kippur days,

God says He will heal your says…

For Jewish New Year

Cast aside fear

Submitting to God in praise!

Purify your hearts,

For Spirit God imparts…

Walk in His ways

All your days,

“:Kissing the Son” is smart!

Submit yourselves to Him,

Every thought and whim…

Bound in our Father’s love

He sent a Spirit dove

to rest on the One, to fulfill all things!

–Jonathan Caswell



Apparently not all the same,

Galumpkis worthy of the name…

May be layered

with exquisite care,

Let’s trust it tastes “the same”!

Parboiled cabbage leaves

Surround meat and rice dutifully…

Ground meat

With rice complete

Adding spices beautifully!

some add tomato sauce,

Not as thick as spaghetti, of course…

Succulent juices

are never useless

Over mashed potato–starch source!

Reminds me of a youthful story,

cousin Suzie and I in our glory..

finished off a whole bowl

Of galumpki and potato,

Hungry teens–that’s my story!

–Jonathan Caswell