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Obadiah 1:15
For the Day of ADONAI is near for all nations;
as you did, it will be done to you;
your dealings will come back on your own head.
As a nation it is how we treat Israel that determines how ADONAI deals with us. One cannot poke at the people of God’s eye and expect to get away with it. One also cannot follow the abominations that forced Israel to be scattered for two thousand years and not be judged for it. Today our country is beset by fires, earthquakes, flooding and 1000 year storms, is this not the hand of God calling for us to turn back? Yet have we as a nation sent up a cry of repentance or do we continue to ignore the hand of ADONAI TZ’VA’OT the Lord of Heaven’s Armies goading us to return to Him. Do we as a nation…

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Mr. Caswell has been composing poetry at least since High School. He has been on WORD PRESS for ten years and contributes to two other blogs beside this one. This blog has a Christian emphasis but all bloggers are welcome. Mr. Caswell chooses to---with permission--re[post material of interest

1 thought on “Repent

  1. Freedomborn ... Aussie Christian Focus

    Yes God’s discipline is that we will all reap what we sow as the Prodigal Son did unless like him we also come to Heart repentance, Wow than what a welcome Home! we than turn away from evil and seek to do good by the empowering of The Holy Spirit.

    Yes we are to show Love and Kindness but not just to the Jews, we are all One in Christ Jesus (see below) but to all people regardless of where they live and who they are, What we do for others we are doing for Jesus what we deny others we are also denying Jesus.(Matthew 25:31-46)

    Galatians 3:26-28 For ye are all the Children of God by Faith in Christ Jesus. For as many of you as have been Baptized into Christ have put on Christ. There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither Male nor Female for ye are all One in Christ Jesus. And if ye be Christ’s, then are ye Abraham’s seed and heirs according to the Promise.(KJV)

    Romans 9:7-9 That is, They which are the Children of the flesh, these are not the Children of God but the Children of the Promise are counted for the seed.

    Romans 2:28-29 For he is not a Jew, which is one outwardly neither is that circumcision which is outward in the flesh. But he is a Jew which is one inwardly and circumcision is that of the heart in the Spirit and not in the letter whose praise is not of men but of God.

    Romans 9:26-28 And it shall come to pass that in the place where it was said unto them; Ye are not my people there shall they be called the Children of the living God…… Esaias also crieth concerning Israel, Though the number of the Children of Israel be as the sand of the sea A REMNANT shall be saved.

    Romans 9:6 Not as though the word of God hath taken none effect. For they are not all Israel which are of Israel:

    Acts 10:34-35 Then Peter opened his mouth and said; Of a Truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons but in every Nation He that feareth Him and worketh Righteousness is accepted with Him. (KJV)

    1 John 2:28-29 And now little Children abide in Him that when He shall appear we may have confidence and not be ashamed before Him at His coming. If ye know that He is Righteous ye know that everyone that doeth Righteousness is Born of Him.

    Christian Love and Blessings – Anne.



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