Sunday–today was the day,

We made it to church all the way…

She felt good

we understood,

And arrived before service started okay!

It was a labor of love

Getting to the church door above…

They did have a ramp

My friend Ed was aide-de-camp,

For Diana on the ramp, while to parking I drove.

She sat on “my” side,

Where I’d normally reside…

So we’d be

Where we could see,

And praise how the Lord doth provide!

Couldn’t go down for  coffee–

Or at least, were too tired in the offing…

Retraced her route

With me about,

And made it to the car without toppling

(either one of us!)

Others had been praying too,

That we would come into view…

Diana was merry–

Not since January

Had she the church doors been through!

–Jonathan Caswell


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