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“It is hard staying blue…viewing this blue on you!”


2017 Round-up — Button & Pip

I’ve had a great deal of fun this year pushing myself to try many new patterns. Here is a small collection of my favourite projects that I completed in 2017. My love for independent patterns continues. I prefer the style and fit of indi patterns over the big 4. Also my sense of style has […]

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How to Wear – Floral Midi Skirt | Shop PINKBLUSH + Giveaway! — Classic.City.Chic

We’ve partnered with PinkBlush to share with you two ways to wear this floral midi skirt! Plus, we’re having a $50 Giveaway with PinkBlush, see the ways to win below!

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calm & centered (leave your tip!)


The Fashion Huntress


Readers, I’ve been taking blogging a bit easy lately, since I’ve been extra focused on work and finding a sense of balance in my day to day ebb and flow. Things have a way of getting out of balance quickly and I find it’s a constant effort to feel like I’ve got everything calm and centered. Some of the ways I try to stay grounded are below. Please share your grounded, centered, and calming tips in the comments section below! I would love new ideas! 

  1. Connecting with friends and family; talk about a taking a village, am I right? Even just a quick text to share in a moment feels like a wonderfully balanced act.
  2. Alone time; most people are shocked to know I’m a massive introvert. I really only recharge being completely by myself and I’ve implemented “task free days” where I just CHILL and do whatever I want. So…

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