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Zounds! Foiled Again! — Demi Monde

Outfit: Metallic sleeveless shell top with zip up back and peplum, worn with black bandage skirt. Shoes: Charcoal grey ‘jelly’ T bar shoes with sparkles. Hair: Worn in a ballerina bun, with two mother-of-pearl clips. Accessories: Black opaque hosiery, chunky sterling silver curb bracelet, white gold hoop earrings with grey freshwater pearl drops. Perfume: Lady […]

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Energy entrepreneur hopes to bring commuter rail to Vermont — Financial Post

BARRE, Vt. — An energy entrepreneur wants to set up a commuter rail system to further his vision of weaning Vermont from fossil fuels and getting cars off the highways, and he has taken the first step toward moving it beyond the theoretical by buying a dozen rail cars. David Blittersdorf spent $5 million of […]

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Restoration of Train Service Between Adams and North Adams Complete



Berkshire Scenic Railway Museum Inc. is excited to announce that after 5 years of careful planning and development with our partners at MassDOT, the City of North Adams, and the Town of Adams, the project to restore train service between Adams and North Adams has reached its last big milestone: complete restoration of track between Renfrew St. in Adams, and the Visitor Center in downtown Adams. Tracks on this stretch of the old Pittsfield and North Adams right-of-way were torn up decades ago but as of this week, contractors have finished the project to build new track to facilitate downtown to downtown service in northern Berkshire County.
This weekend, just in time for fall foliage, Berkshire Scenic Railway’s Hoosac Valley Service will be operating the first regularly scheduled passenger trains over this track since the early 1950’s. Passengers can take this journey on a 1955 Budd Rail Diesel Car (RDC)…

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Supporting small businesses! — THE DIARY OF ELLIE

Supporting people is so important, especially small businesses. At the end of the day they’re just trying to make a living through making things in the hope that people like them enough to buy them. My favourite place to find small businesses and cute unique items is on Etsy. Most sellers on there are just […]

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Dreams into reality,

It only needs one “R.D.C.”…*

Sometimes maybe two

Can whiz along through,

With siding capacity!

We’re talking about N scale,

‘Round the Christmas tree loop–it failed!

Too sharp a curve

It gets stuck (the nerve!)

They are full-length cars I bought on sale.

–Jonathan Caswell


Being A Cultural Christian Is Not Enough — Victors’ Corner

It is not enough to see yourself as a cultural Christian; you should be a Christian by heart as well. Being a Christian presupposes that you believe in God. Whatever else you believe, it is a mistaken identity to be called a Christian if you don’t believe in God and in His Son Jesus Christ.

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A Hypocritical Christian

Mahatma Gandhi, Muhammed, and many other leaders have been turned off by Christians not acting what they preach.

The Curious Atheist

Usually, when people find out that I’m an atheist, they don’t let the difference get in the way of a good relationship. Meeting someone who believes differently than you is an amazing opportunity to learn about a culture outside of your own and find common ground in a place where you might not expect it. It’s uncommon for me to try to make a connection with someone with different beliefs only to be completely cut off, but it does happen. Let me give you the breakdown of a time when this happened to me.

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He’s learned hair colored in streaks

Does not make those people freaks…

Distinctive hair–

He’s so little there–

And some people have colored cheeks!

He wore red and blue socks–

One each while the pep rally rocked

St. Patrick’s Day

He got away,

With bright orange/green in big blocks!

–Jonathan Caswell

Featured image courtesy Rosie rockets (that’s her) expressing her fashionable hair, choker and outfit….from her blog, A RED LIP AND A NUDE SHOE.

Accolades for Malala



There is something to be said about letting words speak for themselves.

Andrea Levy, Cleveland Plain Dealer journalist and artist, blends these

two skills into incredible stories. The whole page is filled with lines,

varied from gray, black and red bold strokes. These represent all those

unknown faces in a large crowd.

All of us.

I return to her words, transfixed.

This has been on my refrigerator for some time now, about Malala

Yousafzai. She is indomitable, showed nerves of steel, faced her death

undaunted and walked away. She is not unscathed, but she overcame

her enemies, endured suffering and lived.

If each of us had only 1/100th of Malala’s humble spirit and strength

of convictions, just imagine how changed the world would become.

Please read this:

“A Face in the Crowd

She’s young, but her scars are not. At 17, she seems to be going on 5,000.

Utterly mesmerizing. In…

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