You Don’t Need to See to Believe


Hope For Today


Well if this isn’t icing on the proverbial cake! I am slowly emerging from my season of restoration, like a caterpillar going through metamorphosis, after having spun its cocoon and waiting patiently, ( a virtue I am still acquiring), until that day. That perfect day God ordained and caused the caterpillar to slowly but steadily break through the cocoon it had earlier spun and reveal itself as a beautiful butterfly.

Many times I need sweet reminders like Luke 1:45. Seasons are but a blink of the eye for God, but for us they can seem extremely long and our faith and endurance are tested.

Fulfillment is God’s perfect completion. It is the end-phase, the final stage in the process. Our responsibility is simply to believe.

I will restore to you the years that the swarming locust has eaten…. Joel 2:25a


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About Jonathan Caswell

Poet, author, servant of God the Heavenly father and the Lord Jesus Christ...working out his salvation with fear and trembling. - Not trusting in his own deeds, but depending totally upon the finished sacrificial work of Jesus Christ to be, by God's reckoning, a new creature, clothed in Christ's righteousness...which mortal humankind can never attain by their own weak efforts, apart from faith in Christ's work on our behalf. - College-educated, yet wise enough to see that what a man does will not be his ultimate identity nor affect how God sees him or her. - Called by God to do a very difficult thing...apart from God's grace, mercy and love the sinner (which we all--by nature--are) but hate the sin, which is only paid through Christ, God's Son, - My own God-given gift is that of being a Poet..showing that in all parts of life...God has a loving part in hard as that is to always understand or perceive...given life's realities! Come join me on my journey of discovery?.

4 thoughts on “You Don’t Need to See to Believe

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