The Colour of Your Room Painting Says a Lot About You



When I had my first daughter, Xola, it was not a joy just to me, but a great source of happiness to the entire squad…. my husband, Kofi…. my siblings, Dela and Norkplim…. and my mum, Obaa Yaa. And of course! Nordey Chupey, my mother-in-law who made sure I drunk all the bitter concoctions just to ensure I had a healthy baby.

As happy as we were to have our baby, the entire squad wanted to have little Xola in their homes. Unfortunately, as many welcomed little Xola to their homes, not all were lucky enough to have her feel welcomed in their homes. Our experience at Nordey Chupey’s house still remains fresh on my mind.

Anytime we went to Nordey Chupey’s house, Xola would cry so aggressively. We just couldn’t figure out why she cried so hard anytime we were in Nordey Chupey’s house. It could be very embarrassing…

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