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His N scale car repair shed,

Had lost its floor, he said…

Over kit-bashed

The poor thing trashed,

On custom flooring, went ahead!

White glue and strips of the box,

Glue oozing out in spots…

Like concrete

It’s not complete,

Trimming it will fit the plot.

Need custom doors altered too,

Otherwise tracks laid won”t go through…

Two not three

Is all there’ll be,

More “space” for the N scale repair crew!

–Jonathan Caswell






NOTE**  I had a wonderful limerick based on this person’s last name, but my wife pointed out that  I’d probably need a legal release or permission to use it!   Posting on a “free blog” means its legal budget is nil.

Put it in weeks ago,

Checking its progress–slow…

Tests today said

Its prospect were dead,

It means more surgery–OH NO!

Her surgeon’s name starts with a “J”,

but she doesn’t say it that way…

Sounds like “T”–

Scandanavian, you see–

A top surgeon her patients say!

Being patient is how we must go,

Guaranteeing dialysis flow…

This fistula didn’t do it–

Just have to stick to it–

Good things her surgeon wants to bestow!

–Jonathan Caswell





Jnana's Red Barn

Yeah, it seems everyone these days is on some kind of restricted diet. Just try throwing a party or inviting others over for dinner, you soon learn all about it.

My cardio incident has had me essentially eliminating eggs, butter, and cheese from what I eat – three glorious mainstays that now get in only as gingerly applied additives or, for the cheese, in low-fat and fat-free versions. And it’s red meat no more than once a week. Look up the Healthy Heart stuff if you want. I’m trying to be stricter than that, at least for a while.

Simply reading the labels on most prepared products is a horror story. Do you know how many bad fats show up in cookies or doughnuts or, oh my, just about everything snack like? And forget fast food along the highway. No, I’m not stopping at McDonald’s for a salad and having…

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OH BABY!!!! 🙂

the art of wor

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EU handouts not always the answer for Africa’s returning migrants — Peace and Freedom

When Fatou Kine’s failed attempt to reach Europe left her jobless and penniless in Algeria, she turned to an agency she had heard helped migrants return home. Khadim Faye walks into the Great Mosque of Touba to pray in Touba, Senegal April 9, 2018. Picture taken April 9, 2018. To match Feature EUROPE-MIGRANTS/AFRICA REUTERS/Mikal McAllister […]

via EU handouts not always the answer for Africa’s returning migrants — Peace and Freedom