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OOTD’s: Style Round Up July 2018




On the “preowned” listing it  beckoned,

Was in his budget he reckoned….


He thought quaint,

Any other rolling stock came in second!

Another engine–unnecessary-

NEW HAVEN RS-11–extraordinary…

At this price

He won’t pass twice,

But he did and then purchased it in a hurry!

–Jonathan Caswell

In N scale, of course!

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The Scoop: Farmer’s Daughters’, Saratoga, NY


Little Deux Scoop

It feels so right making my first official scoop score stop at Farmer’s Daughters‘ in Saratoga, NY with my dad. Not only is there some nice symmetry with me being a farmer’s daughter and all that, but this has been a go-to stop for us for as long as I can remember. So it seems only fitting that we should start here.

Known for its soft serve, this place is a no-frills stop off of Rt. 29 on the drive from our farm to Saratoga. It was a big deal to go here as a kid. They do have a pretty extensive ice cream menu of hard ice creams, but I’ve ever seen many folks go for them. Those in the know get the soft serve, either vanilla / chocolate or coffee / black raspberry. And they do this well.

They also have a full restaurant with an ever-expanding…

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I walked into Ginger’s Divine Ice Cream expecting to walk out with a billionaire…a scoop of Billionaire Brownie, that is. However upon gazing at the multitude of seductive flavors in front of me, my future date with a billionaire vanished. At Ginger’s you will find many temptations, the most available at an artisanal ice cream […]

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Returning to The Entertainment Capital of the World for one of the biggest annual events in the Star Trek universe, Eaglemoss Hero Collector is all set to take the 2018 Star Trek Las Vegas Convention by storm. Fans in attendance will be able to start or add to their collections at special prices – as well as…

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Later in the Dark–a House of Heart Reblog

At the wharf I sit on the damp wall and  sip my drink,  let  my mind slip  into the giant salamander of sea. The moon is a  glistening slice of neon,  her whisper carries on the wind, “moon child I love you too”.   Sinking further in I watch a  velvet Osprey swoop  my reflection up from the silver waves where the sighs of lovers are lost in a monsoon.  Old images flicker across my frontal lobe as I liberate sip by sip. That man with the golden veins doesn’t interest me anymore.  Maybe later when  my pearl skinned body breaks the surface I’ll bring him back again.





art by Steve Hanks

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