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General Superintendent*

Of his model railroad, he relents…

Two track bakeries

And a station don’t agree,

One spur will have a reduced presence!

He ordered track turnouts,

But a bakery switch he threw out…

Wouldn’t connect at all points

And points were out of jpoint,

Leaves one spur behind the station platform to think about.

Jonathan Caswell

*General Superintendent…the “top dog” of the railroad Operations Department…(this author).

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Thought the evening was his,

When her voice spoke up (gee whiz!)…

Come water the veggies

Then she says she’s ready,

To go collect her meds.—WHAT’S THIS?

He hates being “sprung on” for time,

When he thinks everything’s in line…

For their whole marriage

Nothing new to disparage,

He packs it up grumbling …”OH FINE!”

–Jonathan Caswell

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Walking into an expensive store or high-end boutique can be intimidating. Even though the clothes or accessories look beautiful, it can be awkward when you feel uncomfortable in the place. I used to call these stores “Movie Star Stores” because only the rich and famous can buy there. Despite the intimidation, it can be intriguing to go […]

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