When Did Jesus Become A Dirty Word?


Valerie Cullers

pexels-photo-415589.jpegRecently, I was asked to pray a prayer of blessing before the meal at a public gathering. I was cautioned, “Don’t use the name of Jesus.” So okay, I will certainly respect the wishes of whoever asked me, but later I thought, “When did the name of Jesus become a dirty word?”

I’m not really sure when, but sometime in the recent past, it was decided that it is not politically correct to use the name of Jesus. But why? Who is going to be offended? Maybe an atheist…but an atheist would have been offended at the first line, “Dear God.” So it must not be the atheists of the world.

Having taken a class entitled “The Great Religions of the World,” I knew that Muslims regard Jesus as a Prophet, so it wouldn’t be offensive to them. Buddhists regard Jesus as an Enlightened Being, so it wouldn’t be them…

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