What is Attachment Disorder?


The Psych Talk

Attachment disorder is a broad term used to describe emotional and behavioural issues arising from failure to form healthy attachments to parental figures in early childhood. These issues include abuse, neglect or seperation. An individuals attachment style is determined permenantly before the age of 3.

Types of Attachment:

According to Mary Ainsworth, there are three main types of attachment.

Secure Attachment:

Children with a secure attachment child are confident that their caregiver will be able to provide for their needs. They will use their caregiver as a safe place whilst they explore their environments independantly. In times of distress they are able to reach out to their caregivers. They are easily reassured by their caregivers.

Insecure Avoidant:

Insecure avoidant children are independant of their caregivers both physically and emotionally. They do not face their caregiver while they are in play and are indifferent to a caregivers reassurance when they are…

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