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a mess of you everywhere inside of me


Mizpellt wurdz

more than this
you must give me more

i am not armed for aimless love
for the faded sundays under lazy fans
the lukewarm spreading of a family cat
the dispassionate mumbling between a blanket and duvet and the needless needing by tea left alone in the microwave

i am equipped with years of me
of my love for love through love
of the kind of desire not found in plastic spoons
in the sweetened pick me up of stuck honey
or the smell of dried feet hung
against your breath after the dying morning

here i am
a mess of everywhere inside of you

here i am
an order of everything outside of me

waiting for you to use the world well by ultimately using it less

whisper it hold it on my tongue whole
there is still stillness left to do
and be done by
even as…

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Lead me…by Carl Gooch

Lead Me
Lead me by your Spirit
Lord, lead me by your hand.
Grant me your wisdom
Lord, help me to understand.
Holy Spirit lead me through
Help me to know what to do.
Comfort me in times of pain
In your mercy I will remain.
Lead me by your Spirit
Lord, lead me by your hand.
Grant me your wisdom
Lord, help me to understand.
Down lonely road we walk
In my every trail we talk.
You walk with me everyday
Your Holy Spirit leads the way.
Lead me by your Spirit
Lord, lead me by your hand.
Grant me your wisdom
Lord, help me to understand.
Carl A. Gooch ~ 26 September 2018


I’m certainly not ashamed of you all,

But on some of my pictures I’ve been called…

You might disagree

On what’s healthy,

But for certain things I readily fall.

Referring Christians to this blog,

I need the occasional jog…

Out of my rut–

Get off my butt

eliminating certain things with which I’m agog.-

King Solomon was lead astray

By a thousand wives who from God pulled him away…

Maybe I’ll redeem

With a near total clean,

My picture file is too big, anyway!

And very hard to find things in!

Jonathan Caswell



Last week a Scripture lesson,

Reblogged without permission…

The blogger irate

Wouldn’t debate,

Demanded total deletion.

I deleted it as requested,

Should have written it down to be listed….

On my AVOID THESE…page

to escape further rage,

The point oof blogging Scripture—have they missed it?

I’m glad when my Bible posts reblog,

God’s word isn’t for me to hog…

This blogger—a higher goal?

Total control?

Does she think I’m a swine or a dog?

–Jonathan Caswell


Seeking God in hard times



Sometimes we feel overwhelmed by other people and the circumstances of our life.

When this happens to me, I go deep in prayer. I pray through the night if necessary, until I feel peace and clarity.

Sometimes I come home quite burden-laden and don’t have the energy to pray it all through. After bathing and dinner, I go early to bed and sleep for a bit. Then I start praying in bed, and pray through all my concerns until I have peace and clarity on what’s bothering me. This is real Christianity.

The King and Psalmist David was a very real and human man who I can relate to. In the Psalms, David wrote about praying and even crying in his bed in the night. When David committed adultery with Bathsheba, their first illicit child fell sick, as a punishment from the Lord. David’s response was to lie prostrate before…

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