How TMS Helps Those in Recovery from Addiction


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Finding lasting relief from the stranglehold of drug or alcohol addiction can be a formidable challenge.  Those who struggle with addiction may even successfully complete a treatment program, only to see themselves relapse soon after discharge.  To work so hard at getting clean and sober—going through detox and withdrawal, getting intensive therapy, and actively participating in a recovery community—just to see these efforts fail is both frustrating and demoralizing.

One of the common characteristics of addiction is the presence of a co-occurring mood disorder, such as depression or anxiety.  The mystery of the dual diagnosis is which disorder appeared first, the mental health disorder or the substance use disorder?  Either way, it is essential that both disorders be treated for a successful, sustainable recovery.  Addiction cannot be fully managed in recovery if the underlying issues that contribute to both the mood disorder and the addictive behaviors are not treated.


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