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Raffles Infrastructure Holdings, the company previously known as China Fibretech, is developing a 70kms tourist railway with a contract value of RMB6 billion ($1.2 billion). Source: Travelandtourworld.

via For $1.2 bil, Raffles Infrastructure to set up tourist railway in China! — Travel and Tour World



They’ll have to redo it all,

The Certificate somewhere did fall…

Of the Marriage

None can disparage,

Losing the License—it’s his fault!

Jonathan Caswell



Been shopping for power supplies,

Since he’s realized…

None of his work

He can’t find the quirk

Or see anything wrong with his sys!

His most expensive power pack,

Lights up with the knob forth and back…

but hook up track wires

The power expires

He can’t figure out what it lacks!

His least expensive ones  did,

For years it is said…

But one worked fine

At last Christmas time,

Been plugged since then…and it’s dead.

One little pack ran recently,

Failing increasingly…

Until one day

It passed away,

Into power pack eternity!\

-Jonathan Caswell

Top 7 Instagram Spots in Quebec City🇨🇦


The Redhead Chronicles

Quebec City, Canada.🇨🇦

It is such a beautiful place, full of French style architecture, cobblestone streets and gorgeous buildings and views around every corner!

Also, Quebec is where I went on my most recent trip, surprise!

Since I got so many pictures on this trip, I thought I would share, in my opinion, the Top 7 Instagram Spots in Quebec City!

1. Gare du Palais

Address: 450 Rue de la Gare du Palais

This train station is, simply put, beautiful. Whether on the inside, outside or in the garden surrounding it, you are sure to find a photo opportunity worthy of gramming!🙌🏻 The lobby is open even to nonticket holders who aren’t taking the train, so explore to your heart’s content! There is even an adorable little cafe you can enjoy. Also, don’t forget to check out the ceilings inside!

2. J.A. Moisan

Address: 699 Rue Saint Jean

When you’re…

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You Are The Fire I Can’t Put Out


You Are The Fire I Can’t Put Out
Lord, I’m finding what I need to learn
It was by your grace, not by what I earn.
Reminded of a love I can’t live without,
You are my first love, the fire I can’t put out.
I had turn away, thought I left you behind
But you were there, always on my mind.
You wanted to show me what love was about
I’m talking about that fire I can’t put out.
Loving Lord, how I wondered, could be,
That you’d give your all to set me free.
Tears of joy flowed, now there is no doubt,
You have started the fire that I can’t put out.
You came and filled my heart and mind,
Turned me into someone loving and kind.
Lord your Spirit filled me with love no doubt
You are my first love, the fire I can’t put out.
Let the fire burn true, the fire I can’t put out.
Love is the fire I can’t put out.
You are the fire I can’t put out.
Carl A. Gooch ~ 22 October 2018