Jesus is The Answer


Jesus Is The Answer
You have so many questions
But just where should you go?
How you be sure what is true
Tell me how are you to know?
I may not have all the answers
But I can tell you where I’d look.
I would seek like it was treasure,
In the word of God, His holy book.
If you’re hurting and feeling low,
Jesus is the answer.
In His truth you will come to know
Jesus is the answer.
I see many out there wandering
Yes, many have lost their way.
They’ve listen to the world’s lies
And they have been lead astray.
But Jesus is the answer
Every day in everyway
Yes, Jesus is the answer.
I was once lost and confused
In my mind life was all a lie.
But I finally found the truth,
On His promise I can now rely.
No, I don’t know your story,
I don’t know how you were.
I don’t know all your questions
But I know Jesus is the answer.
If you’re hurting and feeling low,
Jesus is the answer.
In His truth you will come to know
Jesus is the answer.
Jesus loves you
Yes, Jesus loves you
Yes, Jesus died for you
Carl A. Gooch ~ 21 October 2018


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About Jonathan Caswell

Mr. Caswell has been composing poetry at least since High School. He has been on WORD PRESS for ten years and contributes to two other blogs beside this one. This blog has a Christian emphasis but all bloggers are welcome. Mr. Caswell chooses to---with permission--re[post material of interest

31 thoughts on “Jesus is The Answer

  1. jimtruthseeker

    “Thanks Jesus for dying for me?”
    Jesus was taken captive by the praetorian guard. A hardcore group of soldiers known for brutality.
    He was bound,then scourged. A scourge was a leather whip attached to a wooden or iron rod. Usually with three leather straps each embedded with broken glass along its length with an iron hook at the tip. With each strike the razor sharp glass would slice the flesh while the metal hook would peel it back.
    Then he was crucified. The Romans had perfected the art of torture. Pounding the nails through the carpal nerves in the wrist,sending waves of pain up the arms into the shoulder. Then the same was done to the ankles sending more waves of pain up the legs. Hanging this way the heart can’t pump and the chest cavity fills with fluid and the only way to breathe is to push up with nail driven legs. So after hours of such torture the legs are broken with an iron club. The pain must be excruciating.
    Now imagine you could go back in time and stop it. Even thinking that the death of this one man may save your eternal soul. Could you,would you,stand back and allow such a brutal murder happen?
    Or would you do everything in your power to stop such a gruesome and abhorrent killing? Could you live with yourself if you don’t?
    If rejoicing and celebrating a Bronze Age human sacrifice makes you feel better then by all means have a good time.


    1. Jonathan Caswell Post author

      What was—was! If you do not want to believe that Christ DELIBeRATELY chose to go through that horrible death to pay God’s price for humans to have access to God again, that is your decision to make.


      1. Jonathan Caswell Post author

        Whether you translate it “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me.” or—as some translaters suggest…””For this reason this body was prepared for me…” (see certain Aramaic—a Bible translated from it, even) the focus remains the same—Jesus being prepared as a living sacrifice to allow sinful humans to access god—like they did first in the Garden of Eden…but through our “taking on Christ” by faith, God looks on Christ’s righteousness—noy our poor attempts. What do you thin k? Are abortions—where the kids have no choice at all—somehow less barbaric than what Christ CHOSE to endure for us?


      2. Jonathan Caswell Post author

        Itg wasn’t a hypothetical question for God, Christ, or people like me, who are grateful to God for being reconciled to Him. The world is violent antwat—even if it’s often hidden or rationalized. How else could God show the ultimate love for al of us?


      3. jimtruthseeker

        But you still didn’t answer my question. And with “ no greater love than to give up your life for your friends “, does that mean you would trade places, knowing the cost? If it was my son about to be scourged and crucified I would do everything in my power to stop it. I would trade places in a heartbeat. That is love.

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      4. jimtruthseeker

        You didn’t answer my question. If you could stop it,would you? Or would you watch,maybe even participate,knowing what you had to gain. If it was my son,or someone I loved dearly, I would do everything in my power to stop it,even trade places,to avoid such brutality inflicted on them. That is love


      5. jimtruthseeker

        Yeah,”no greater love “,but you didn’t answer my question. Would you stop it? Or would you watch,maybe even participate,this barbaric torture of the man you profess to love,knowing what you had to gain? I would do everything in my power to save my son,even trade places,that is love.

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      6. Jonathan Caswell Post author

        Would I stop it? Even if I thought it were foolish—and I don’t—there was no way TO STOP IT. One would have to go up against the Roman army, The Sanhedrin… Remember in the Garden—Peter, by one account tried to lop off the ear of a seervant and Jesus said PUT IT AWAY? And in another account, Jesus healed the servant’s ear. If God wanted the sacrifice to take place—and He did, according to the Gospels—NO ONE could havestopped it.


      7. jimtruthseeker

        Thanks for an honest answer my friend and brother. But I think you didn’t consider my question thoroughly.
        The disciples fled. Peter denied Jesus. The crowd called for Barabus.
        Could you have stood silent? Haven’t you ever seen someone bullied? Have you ever seen a man beaten to an unrecognizable state? Someone you loved? Would you,COULD you allow such a thing to happen without trying your best to stop it?
        It’s such a simple question.
        And by all accounts in the gospels there were at most only four Roman centurions there to crucify him. Surely twelve men could’ve overpowered them. In a world of such unrest,where many of his followers thought he was the messiah,the Christ,the to free them from Roman oppression,surely somebody would have tried to stop such brutality.
        But the question remains,if YOU could go back in time,knowing what you know now,could you watch the murder and torture of someone you profess to love?


      8. Jonathan Caswell Post author

        It is hard, in this day and age, to comprehend what went on back then. I have also been bullied…and have spoken up for others in the same circumstance. When you went against Rome….you were likely to be crucified yourself! And /or tortured like Jesus was! His disciples basically acted like scared rabbits Despite all of Jesus’ warnings and predictions, they were stuck with the idea of the Warrior King—not the suffering servant mentioned in Isaiah, Jesus’ death came to them as a total shock. If you read the four Gospels, you can clearly see this! You and I were not there—but we are just as human as them! Do you really think that you would be any different then them? It’s is easy to play games with your mind, while ignoring the evidence right in front of our eyes. I take the Bible and the story of Jesus Christ by FAITH—even if the are lots of proofs (and there are, but your liberal theologians and professors do not acknowledge their existence or importance)—a lot of people tell you otherwise—I’ve heard a lot of the intellectual “reasons” too. And I stand b y faith. Those arguments have one by one been disproved by historical—archaeological evidencs found. You must decide which is right, your own imaginings and what man tries to say—or what GOD says, via the Bible. Jesus said he was the Son of God—which the Jews of that time knew as making himself God in the flesh—And they wanted tto stone him to death—several times! Who is Jesus to you? son of God or a “great teacher”, like Mohammed, Socrates, or Bart Irmen? You chose who to have faith in. The Son of God Who paid the price so you and I can boldly approach God, or some guy who won’t take anything by faith but their own limit3d assumptions?


      9. jimtruthseeker

        Eloquently said and with great conviction. I admire your faith in god and belief that you will live in eternal bliss in heaven.
        You believe the Bible is the word of God given to mankind,so it must be true,yes? So the dead rising from their tombs and walking about Jerusalem must be true also,yes? Jesus rising bodily into the heavens must be true also.
        Jesus wasn’t the only one to claim to be the son of god,Octavian was also proclaimed to be the son of god,adopted son of Julius Caesar. It’s a common theme from ancient times.
        But I must disagree with the idea that there’s archeological evidence for the resurrection. True,there’s plenty of evidence of Jesus,maybe more so than anyone in antiquity. Some of his teachings and sayings are truly inspiring,along with many other things in the Bible. It’s been the source for many motivational and inspired speeches.
        And on that note I will leave you to your worship and I wish you well,God Bless

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      10. Jonathan Caswell Post author

        There is evidence from documentation of that time period recording Christian claims of the resurrection of Christ—even by secular (Roman and other ) historians. And of the spread of that belief, despite heavy persecution. All of the Gospel writers were EYEWITNESSES—which the [possible exception of Mark—who wrote down what the Apostle Peter had to say.

        Hope you don’t mind, but I have reblogged your rebloggable post…which comments. Is this discussion showing up somewhere? I forgot! ❤ 🙂


      11. jimtruthseeker

        Ah yes,eyewitnesses. How reliable ARE eyewitnesses? There have been many studies done regarding this phenomena, and they show just how unreliable they truly can be, and how they differ from one person to the next in exactly the same circumstances.
        Did Peter dent Jesus before the cock crowed,or did he before the cock crowed twice?
        You must take each gospel individually, separate from the whole,because each were written at different times, in different places,with different agendas.
        As I stated before, I myself saw my own father after he had died, I even heard him calling my name. It’s much more common than you think.
        And as for the written accounts,the earliest copy of any gospel was written almost one hundred and fifty years after he crucified. And with many additions and errors, I don’t put much stock in their eyewitness accounts.
        “He who is without sin cast the first stone,”proven to have been added much later,but is still a great saying.
        And as for the apostles written eyewitness accounts,only three percent of the population could even read never mind write,and surely some poor fishermen were never indoctrinated into any kind of learning.
        And by all means share this discussion,I enjoy it immensely and would love to hear other ideas.
        Peace and love brother

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      12. jimtruthseeker

        The Imposter.
        When Saul was blinded,he asked “who art tho Lord?” The ambiguity of the question leaves me to wonder why he called a blinding light Lord. The pretense is exposed by Saul answering his own question in the same sentence. And who is Aranias that he could heal his blindness with just a word. Was everyone in ancient Palestine a miracle worker?
        And with classic reverse psychology and manipulation in 1Corinthians,” And last of all,as by one born of due time,he was seen also by me.” But according to him it was a blinding light and a voice,and goes on,” For I am the least of the apostles,because I persecuted the church of god.” He was never one of the twelve and after extolling the grace of god,”in fact I have labored more than any of them.”
        In other words,listen to me, I work harder than anyone just for you. Sounds like today’s politics. And did he write thirteen books or only seven?
        Any thoughts?
        Peace and love brother

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      13. Jonathan Caswell Post author

        The so-called imposter—Paul—0was whacked on his BE-HIND by the Lord Jesus on the way to Damascus! Many Jews never did believe in his conversion—just like you! All ery good reasons to plant and raise up new believers among non-Jews! Right? ❤ Happy Thanksgiving—altho' I might be on line tomorrow! 🙂 To you—and any who are your's—or potentially so!


      14. jimtruthseeker

        I like you, and I like your convictions. Yeah I’m a skeptic,so you see why I’m asking you for answers that I cannot find an answer to other than saying it’s Gods will. You have a great thanksgiving,I hope you have your family and friends together because that’s what life is all about. Love and family. I’m looking more into the conversion of Saul/Paul and I look forward to more conversations with you.
        Peace and love to you and your loved ones and have a great thanksgiving.


      15. Jonathan Caswell Post author

        You remind me a lot of Zia, an Afghan gentleman I worked Security with for our first 7 years and then occasionally for my final 7 years. He is a skeptic, too and was constantly bombarding me with questions (some rather b old) he couldn’t get answers to elsewhere. He had a habit of heckling Christians on line, whenever he could entice one into his sphere of influence! 🙂 In fact I need to call him—it’s been too long! And then there was a Mr. Chen-Kai in grad school—whose daily 20 + questions kept me busy! You are not the first! However, for both Kai-Chen and Zia, my answers on the Bible came down to just one thing—either one accepts it (with all its apparent faults) as being from God–or not. Either you choose to follow Jesus Christ as the Son of God—and therefore God in the flesh, the way the Jews who wished to stone him for blasphemy did, or not. But please continue studying about Paul—he was quite a character! May you find, like C. S. Lewis did, to make sense and to be accepted and believed. Just the two of us together, but that’s how my wife, Diana, and I have done for years! You have a happy Thanksgiving, as well! 🙂


      16. jimtruthseeker

        That’s just too funny and ironic. My good friend was from Pakistan,born a muslin,and in later life renounced it and all religious beliefs. He wrote a book,” Sex,drugs and Islam.” We had many theological debates and decided to test the faith of the most devoted. Unfortunately he decided to check out last year but I’m continuing the conversation with anyone that will have an honest and relatively coherent reply. Funny you should bring up C.S.Lewis, many a debater likes to quote him. But I’ll give you a little more insight later.
        Peace and love and god bless


      17. jimtruthseeker

        Yes,to life. I got good news yesterday,I’m cancer free and won’t need another test for at least six months. I won’t debate you about Islam,Sunni,Shiite,it’s a total mess that would be a waste of a good conversation. Enough for now,we’ll talk after the holiday,hope you enjoy your family as much as I’ll enjoy mine,🤬,lol,😉.

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      18. Jonathan Caswell Post author

        THAT’S EXTREMELY GOOD NEWS—CANCER-FREE FOR THE MOMENT!!!! WHOO-HOO!!!! Yeah Zia was constantly after me about Christianity and the Bible. No need for me to gather enemies, either! Enjoy yourself—and we will! 😀

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