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He just caught himself nodding off,

Seems to him time to stop…

A delicate snooze

Is what he could use,

His blogging will have to stop!

Jonathan Caswell


Warm Hearts on Cold Nights


Ancient Skies

20180707_164641Hey y’all this is a quick update from the front lines of my wife fighting cancer (for the second time).

Many of you have been asking about her, thank you! We are so wonderfully blessed by your prayers, blessings, well wishes, and positive thoughts!

She has finished the first round of treatments, and the mass in her chest (inside at the rib cage not on her chest) has become smaller! Yay!

That’s the good news. But something is still there, and only a special scan will tell us if there is still cancer.

We have to wait though because the treatments she received are still working to fight this menace.

So how do we stay very much in love with such a big challenge? To be honest it’s easy, but we do make more of an effort to be with each other. After all, in many ways love is a…

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He set up the Christmas train,

Almost it seems in vain…

Their overstock

Visually blocks

Any view of the little train!

Because they’re not really able,

Could set the tre on the table…

to see its full height

With changing light,

And tout the train as fable!

Somewhere let’s “replant” the tree,

Accessible visually…

Then as lights flash

The train runs pasr,

More Christmas joy for all to see!

Jonathan Caswwell

Victorian Blouse + Midi Pencil Skirt = Monochromatic Outfit



If you notice carefully on my photos, you will notice that this week my makeup is much different. I’m a total basic bitch when it come to my makeup because I suck at it. I also like a more natural look AND when I do happen to play around with shadow, I hate the way it looks. Truth be told, I learned how to PUT ON makeup at 22 (thank god for YouTube tutorials). I say, “put on” because I wasn’t slaying. I was doing enough so that I wouldn’t look ridiculous but I don’t even think I put on concealer and don’t even get me started on “contouring.” I figured out what that was at 27 and the way I “blend” my contour might make Youtube Makeup Vloggers cringe.  I have so much respect for Youtube Makeup Vloggers and makeup artist; applying makeup ain’t easy.

Today’s smoking eye was…

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When Fiona met Christmas prints: Closet Case Patterns Fiona sundress


He Cooks... She Sews!

A Christmas sundress for an Aussie Christmas. How could this not be an excellent idea?

This is Closet Case Patterns Fiona sundress in a Chris quilting cotton from Spotlight.

I made it in a size 14 with a FBA and some other bodice side seam tweaks to get the fit right. I used a reasonably heavy weight interfacing and this means the top interfaced bodice band is very firm. Definitely no gaping!

The bodice is a bit overfitted by the look of those draglines. But look at her smile. I figure it’ll do.

Pockets! Side slits! Topstitching opportunities! I love this pattern. Also buttons! 17 on Felicity’s sun dress. The instructions call for even more.

I made the buttonholes horizontal to make them a bit more secure and to reduce gaping.

oh yes. I made a Christmas print frock too.

I wanted to trial a dress from the Autumn/Winter 2014…

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