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In this Article we will discuss about the various “Symptoms that classically represent Migraine and also about its Management”. So, lets get started.


There is a period that occurs a day or two before the migraine its called the prodrome period and it includes symptoms such as




mood swings

stiff neck

increased urination

increased thirst


sensitivity to light and sound

Next phase is the aura it occurs 5-20 mins before a migraine and builds to last from 30-60 mins. It includes nervous system based symptoms like

motor system dysfunction

weakness and numbness in face or on one side of the body

temporary paralysis at one side of the body

visualising flashes of light,bright and dark spots

pins and needles sensation in arms or legs

Verbal difficulty

sudden jerky movements

hearing humming or buzz sounds

3rd phase is the migraine attack that can last from 1…

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