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Rocky Mountain Railroad, Epiphany by Luci Shaw


Malcolm Guite

Image by Linda Richardson Image by Linda Richardson

For January 5th in my  Anthology from Canterbury PressWaiting on the Word, I have chosen to read Rocky Mountain Railroad, Epiphany by Luci Shaw. this poem makes an interesting contrast and parallel with Coleridge’s psalm-like outpouring of yesterday. Both poems are a response to the beauty of nature, and specifically to the sight of snowy mountains, and the whole play of light on snow and ice. In both poems we have a sense of glory and of the sublime rising ‘reaches of peak above peak beyond peak’.

You can hear me read this poem by clicking on the title or the play button. The image above was created by Linda Richardson. She Writes:

Luci Shaw takes a subtly different approach to Coleridge as she describes, ‘in a net of words’, her transcendent experience. She uses herself as a mirror to describe the effect…

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Get High ~ Sequoia National Park (Part 2)


Paint Your Landscape

“When I entered this sublime wilderness the day was nearly done, the trees with rosy, glowing countenances seemed to be hushed and thoughtful… and one naturally walked softly and awestricken among them.”  ~  John Muir

Time to get high, as in “natural high” or elevation gain, not like some of you are thinking.  Temps are starting to creep up so hiking in the higher elevations just makes more sense.  For our first high- elevation hike in Sequoia National Park, we opted for part of the High Sierra Trail.  I say part because you could traipse all the way to Mt. Whitney if you were so inclined.  Our trek for the day was to be 11 miles, versus 60 to the highest point in the lower 48.

I’m quite the flashy little guy, don’t you think?

This is rated as a moderate hike, with some longish steady uphill…

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The Strengthening Of Our Faith


Learning From God's Word

In the New Testament, we read much about Peter, We read about him in the Gospels. We read about him in the Acts of the Apostles. His name speaks of both failure and triumph. Peter was a man who denied his Lord. He was a man who won thousands of people for his Lord.
In the story of Peter, walking on water (Matthew 14:22-33), we see both faith and unbelief.
* In Peter, we see faith – real faith. While the other disciples hung back, wondering what to make of this mysterious figure, walking on the water, Peter launched out in faith – “Lord, if it is you, bid me come to you on the water” (Matthew 14:28). This was an act of faith – real faith.
* Peter’s faith was not perfect. His faith was weak. Nevertheless, it was real faith. His faith was mixed with unbelief. Yet, there…

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Lord, You love us so much.


Learning From God's Word

Lord, You love us so much. Help us never to forget this. Help us to remember Jesus – to remember that His body was broken for us, and His blood was shed for us. Help us to feed on Jesus, and to be strong in Him. Lord, when the going gets tough, help us to remember that Your love keeps going and going and going  …It is a love that never comes to an end. It’s everlasting love – the only everlasting love.

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3 Logical Reasons God May Just Exist