Monthly Archives: February 2019


Looked up Parkinson’s stages,

Didn’t know what I’d be facing…

Can’t run away

But take day-by-day,

Pray for me and God’s graces!

Have some idea now,

What may happen and how…

God’s in control

He keeps my soul,

Will sleep peacefully now! 🙂

Jonathan Caswell

Good night, y’all!



Whom have I missed tonight,

If said many–that’s right–

Whom to choose

Doesn’t confuse,

But hope no one feels a slight!

A guy calling me “sweetheart” is new,

Over this I’m not going to stew…

Being called “hen”

By a woman…THEN…

I’d run in the opposite direction, thank you!

Carl Gooch—I’ll hit next time,

He’s a ;poet friend of mine…

Shares by email

His latetrest contrail,

A blessing he is every time!

Oh dear, it’s one AM,

But we’ve made new friends…

My wife’s going to wonder—

Where did hubby wander—

But she knows my normal trend!


Tomorrow is later today,

Eastern Standard Time anyway…

Massachusetts is dark

I’ve long enough parked,

Time to go soon, wouldn’t you say?

Jonathan Caswell