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Purrple Cat Cafe, Glasgow


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As a tourist in Glasgow, some of the more popular sights and landmarks are probably the Cathedral, Kelvingrove Art Gallery or the Duke of Wellington statue with a traffic cone on his head.  As a cat lover, however, Purrple Cat Cafe has to be top of the list!


Glasgow’s first and (currently) only Cat Cafe was opened in late December 2017 and has been a hit with cat lovers from near and far ever since.  With 29 resident cats and events including meat-free Mondays, craft club, yoga and quiz nights, there is always a buzz about the place – and not just because the cats are happily purring away.

Found on Trongate in the home of a former bank, the cafe has two floors – a ground floor where visitors can sit and relax with cats, cake and coffee and a basement floor where the cats can escape for some downtime or veterinary treatment if required.  The cats are kept safe with a system of double doors and general rules for guests to follow, as well as all the old bank security systems still in place.

Inside the cafe, you find yourself surrounded by cat beds, scratch posts, toys and climbing frames as well as comfortable sofas and chairs.  There is a working piano in one corner for sing-alongs, the facilities to host movies nights on a projector and an abundance of cakes, hot food and snacks on the menu.

As with most Cat Cafes, Purrple Cat Cafe suggests you book your trip in advance, offering online bookings for a discounted welfare charge of £5 per hour, where in person/on the day bookings are £8 per hour.  The cafe also offers two levels of membership which include 2-for-1 drinks, cheaper welfare charges and entry to members only events.

But who are the cats?  Here are just a few of my favourite chaps that grace the cafe with their pawsome-ness.


First up we have Bear.  When the cafe first opened, Bear would mostly be found hiding in the basement and certainly didn’t go near other humans.  Within months of the cafe opening, however he was joining in with games and spending more and more time upstairs.  Now he’s even happy for a bit of fuss, too!


This is Tash – sorry, Buttercup.  She’s one third of the Power Puff trio, however the distinctive markings on her nose look like she has a moustache so she is affectionately known as Tash.  She has gained quite the tummy lately so is on a strict diet and exercise regime although sometimes guests and cattendants break a sweat long before she does!


Here we have two of the elderly gents taking a nap on one of the window ledges.  Gilbert and Harry are two of my favourites and are always happy for some love and a cuddle.  If you’re really lucky and get to give Harry a belly rub, he even cuddles your hand!


Tilly is the elderly lady and an absolutely adorable cat.  She’s probably my absolute favourite as she potters around, sleeps in her favourite chair and sits by the kitchen door waiting for treats.  She is such a sweet girl and I love sitting with her on the floor by the kitchen, even if it does mean I’m in the way.

From old to young, this is Stardust and Ziggy.  They’re now about twenty weeks old, however they were very small when they first arrived, along with sister Bowie, so were kept in a cage or downstairs until they were a little bigger and braver.  They are so playful and very friendly if you are lucky enough to get a cuddle.

All the cats at the cafe are rescue cats, however they are not available for adoption.  Luckily for them, they have found their furever home at the cafe and look forward to a lifetime of warmth, full bellies, special care and cuddles.


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