Unctuous Animus*~by Constancio Sulapas Asumen Jr



CDXCVI ~> Unctuous Animus*

CDXCVI ~> Unctuous Animus*
(Opus496 ~> Unctuous Animus)
Destiny means death, proves not a secret;
No need to wonder on when it might come.
Get promptly into the pleasure market
To savor the splendor of the ripe plum
Before its plunder leaves you down and glum:
Betting on Hell to turn magnanimous,
Lends calculus for unctuous animus!
Sins you covet with mortgage of your soul,
Wreak havoc on quarantined innocence.
Preening magnanimous in principle,
Pay reparations in flawed competence
Taxing your keen pursuit for excellence:
Margins you gloss over in surrender,
Never you remember in deep slumber!
Fain breathe in the aura of transcendence–
Lingering, laving, straining, caressing,
To quench the fire to hear sublime cadence;
Refrain love tendrils from effervescing,
Shunting memories beyond expressing:
While unctuous animus flows timorous
Fret not about loose, raucous calculus!
*Hook image (Sunset4Balcony2H496.jpg), sequestered uncaptioned, from…

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