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When you kissed me and stopped me from shaking…


Between the lines

ijunoon_Fantasy-Girl-1153129The boy with bright eyes was standing there, in the enchanted forest, looking away every time I tried to meet his gaze. He was the one I knew from every dream, the one who held me through every fantasy. The one who’s love was pure and generous, maybe too innocent for this wild world.

I went to him, every step bringing back memories of words I shouldn’t have said, promises I shouldn’t have made, every step towards him brings me back home. My long white dress was trembling in the wind, or were my shoulders shaking under the weight of this unspoken truth?

Because once I’ll look into his eyes, I cannot lie anymore, I cannot walk away or pretend he doesn’t exist…not anymore. And there’s a special kind of embrace, that belongs to us, our safe place, our bridge to Heaven. I will not stumble, not this time, I…

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