The Outpouring of The Holy Spirit!



The Outpouring of The Holy Spirit!

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The most authentic and reliable accounts of the missions of Truth-bringers and other Light happenings come from transmitted writings. Through these writings, we are able to unravel the true unfolding of spiritual events in existing religious records and thereby identify what have been added to the records for historical and cultural effects.
The writings are authentic because, firstly, the writer is only a pen or stylus and adds nothing of his own beliefs, opinions and prejudices. Secondly, the writings are drawn from pure sources since they are either received by the side of an Envoy of the Light whose presence provides the anchorage for pure spiritual consummation or, they are handed down in radiated pictures and impulses from the Light realms of Creation.
However, transmitted writings should not be confused with the ‘Channeled messages’ we read about every now and then. While some are outright fakes, real…

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