“Top 5 Myths About Introverts”–an Accidental blogger reblog (You know I had to share this one!–editor)

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Top 5 Myths About Introverts

April 5, 2019Accidental Blogger

Hello Everyone!

Hope you’re having an amazing day/night. Today I want to write about the Top 5 myths about introverts everyone has.

If you have been reading my blog then you must be knowing that I’m an introvert. I prefer staying quiet most of the time & love to spend time with myself.

If you are also an introvert then you must be getting many questions from people around you about your nature. Like , Why are you so quiet ? Why are you sad? Why do you stay alone?

These are most common questions introverts gets asked by people around them. Also people even make conclusions about introverts without even knowing the reality.

Let’s look at Top 5 myths about introverts & reality.

Top 5 Myths About Introverts

  • Myth 1 : Introverts Are Sad – Most of the time, introverts are feeling sad & depressed. They are always thinking about something & hardly share anything with anyone.
  • Reality – Most of the introverts are not much expressive in nature. But this doesn’t mean that they are sad/depressed. They stay calm & composed at any kind of situation whether it is good or bad.
  • Myth 2 : Introverts Are Lonely – Introverts are lonely. They don’t have friends to hang out with. They spend most of the time at home.
  • Reality : Introverts Love Solitude – Introverts love spending time alone & away from people. It helps them to get back to calm state after being exposed in large group of people. It helps them to feel relaxed.
  • Myth 3 : Introverts Hate People – Introverts hate everyone. They avoid any kind of interaction with others. Also they are rude in nature.
  • Reality : Introverts Hate Too Much Social Interaction – No, introverts don’t hate people. They wisely choose people as their closed ones. Too much of people & social interactions exhausts them.
  • Myth 4 : Introverts Are Shy : Introverts are shy & scared to open up with people. They feel insecure & scared when they are supposed to talk with people
  • Reality : All Introverts Aren’t Shy – Some introverts can be shy. But all introverts are not shy. They are picky to choose people with whom they will open up. They take their own time to get comfortable with others.
  • Myth 5 : Introverts Don’t Likes To Go Out – Introverts prefers to stay at home & be alone. They don’t like to go out. Their life is not fun or interesting as outgoing people.
  • Reality : Introverts Love Going Out – Yeah , They love going out & spending best times with their loved ones. They love travelling & exploring new places.

Final Words

This post is not written to glorify introverts or to criticize extroverts. Here, I want to convey a message to everyone who is reading whether you’re an introvert or extrovert or ambivert, that accept people as they are.

This world will be such a beautiful place if people starts to accept people as they are.

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Everyone cannot be what you want them to be. So don’t expect someone to change according to your convenience. Don’t force anyone to be what you want them to be.

Start accepting & appreciating each person for who they are.

Thank you for reading !

Hello , If anyone wants someone to talk to or wants to suggest me topics to write on then feel free to reach out.

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4 thoughts on ““Top 5 Myths About Introverts”–an Accidental blogger reblog (You know I had to share this one!–editor)

  1. Suburban Leaves

    Nice piece. I concur. I get on very well with people, am amiable and friendly, I actually like people. What I do not enjoy is engaging large numbers of people simultaneously or formally. I love the incidental chats I have with people. Introverts, as you say, simple enjoy time alone. It is perhaps that when we (I can only speak for myself) are with people we offer much of ourselves and since we value introspection we look for deep and meaningful converstaions which social situations don’t always offer.

    Liked by 1 person


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