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April 25.19



When you know your gorgeousness

because people stop and stare,

you know your very breath

inebriates the air,

you know you’re amethyst laurel

encircling Persephone’s brow,

you can’t pretend to modesty;

you have to take a bow.

Thanks yet again to photographer S.W. Berg.

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The Worth of Licked Cupcakes in God’s Kingdom


The Modesty Talks

Imagine that you’re 16 and a group of older men is standing in front of you, the closest one telling you that your body is a wonderland. You’re not at a sugar baby convention, though. You’re at church, and you’d rather be almost anywhere else.

Maybe he didn’t quote John Mayer, exactly, but he may as well have. According to him, I was irresistible. Guys were lining up around the block for the chance to have a peek under my knee-length skirt. Salivating at the thought of what I was hiding with my full-coverage cotton shirt (my shoulders).

A group of young women were gathered around me, all of us sitting in a nondescript room with walls covered with portraits of Jesus and sayings like “Daughter of a King,” adjusting our skirts to cover as much leg as possible and grimacing as the church leader who talked to us once…

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A Christian’s guide to modesty in the hot summer months


Catholicism Pure & Simple

Professor Kwasniewski at LifeSiteNews:

Each year as we enter the warm summer months, the problem of modesty in dress arises—ever more acutely, it seems, as Western people lose even the minimal moral bearings and social customs that once guaranteed a modicum of self-respect and consideration for others. We need nothing less than a moral revolution, a rebuilding of our most basic concepts of virtue. This will be difficult, needless to say, and we may not be able to turn the tide of the general culture, more correctly described at this point as an anti-culture. Yet it is by no means impossible to rebuild these concepts within Christian communities, if only there is a courageous willingness to address the issues at stake, with clarity and calmness. I shall attempt an overview in this week’s pair of articles.

According to St. Thomas Aquinas, the notion of “modesty” in dress, speech, or behavior…

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My Modesty Story


Faith and Family3

Hey y’all!

So I thought I would share about my  modesty story .

And now, allow me to take you back in time about 11-12 years ago

As a child, I wore mostly pants, up until about 11-12 years ago. Well you can not very well wear a dress showing horses,barrel racing, or goat tying LOL. I know that I did wear dresses and skirts to church .( I gave myself to the Lord 22 almost 23 years ago)

My modesty journey started when I was about 28.Yes that late in life. Well dating a cowboy he wanted me wearing Wranglers, and boots :/

When I started Church, I found a few skirts ,and dresses,well one thing led to another and I started to be only dresses, and wear a head cover all the time.At that time I was a Baptist.I was the only one to wear a head cover…

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“Broderie And Black”–a Demi Monde reblog


Broderie and Black

Broderie Black - Parasol
Broderie Black - Front
Broderie Black - Side

Outfit: Nude coloured broderie Anglaise top with black ruffle trim to bust, worn with black calf length skirt with fluted hemline and black satin ribbon trim.

Shoes: Black patent heels with wide strap and metallic gold trim.

Hair: Worn in a messy chignon at the nape with a blush pink rose clip.

Accessories: Nude hosiery, antique gold Victorian locket with rubies and seed pearls, antique Victorian bracelet with rubies and diamonds, pearl stud earrings, cream parasol.

Perfume: Hilary Duff ‘With Love’.



My Salute to Oaks Day

My Salute to Oaks Day

In “Beauty”

Fuchsia Flutter

Fuchsia Flutter

In “Beauty”

Cherry Trim

Cherry Trim

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  1. H. E. LexusDECEMBER 8, 2014 AT 9:22 PMThe gold heel is great… Love the entire outfit; the umbrella is awesome! LikeREPLY
    1. Demi MondeDECEMBER 19, 2014 AT 7:51 PMHi there, thanks so much, I felt really good in this one, the top & skirt are by the same Aussie designer, a bit of a cult label and almost always a great fit. Thought I’d better up things a notch for a Christmas lunch with our work team that day. Thanks again for your kind words I do appreciate them, D xxLikeREPLY
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